Deliciously Thermogenic Habanero Hot Sauce!

On the Surface Of The Sun, we have a great appreciation for the HEAT!  We have also a GREAT appreciation for the Taste! You can count on both the Savory TASTE and THE HEAT from Surface Of The Sun Hot Sauce! It is our mission to deliver the absolute best tasting sauces coupled with HEAT to keep your attention! It is a mission we take very seriously!!!!:)

If you are interested in carrying Surface Of The Sun Hot Sauce on premise or off premise, contact us via email:

or give us a call at:  (614) 317-3036

Another passion of ours is music! We are currently taking submissions for the 1st annual It's Hot On The Surface Of the Sun music compilation. Bands with interest in being on a Surface Of The Sun compilation should contact Surface Of The Sun will also be sponsoring several events to promote this project. 



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